Album: Goes To The Movies: A Decade Of Hits (Twins)

Song: Yakety Yak

(Mixx scratches "Yakety Yak") [Brother Marquis]: When you're told to do something by your mom and dad Don't frown in their face or get mad Because as long as you're livin' under their roof You better mind your mouth, or get Dad's boot It's the simples thing that they ask of you Like mow the lawn and take the trash out too But it always never seems to get done, so ... [Luke] Take out the papers and the trash Or you don't get no spendin' cash You better wax that kitchen flo' Or you ain't rock 'n rollin' no mo'! Yakety Yak! (Don't talk back!) Ha haaa! [Fresh Kid Ice] Don't touch that phone when it rings You're under restriction 'till your room is cleaned It'll take away your spending cash You better have it cleaned, quick and fast Dust the furniture, have the floor waxed It gotta be spotless from front to back You might as well get off your butt and ... [Mr. Mixx] Just finish cleanin' up your room Let's see that dust fly with that broom Get all that garbage out of sightOr you don't go out Friday night Yakety Yak! (Don't talk back!) Don't you roll yo' eyes at me, boy! [Brother Marquis] This house is dirty, it's a total mess No need to be rude, so don't get dressed There's a lot of things that have to be done If you don't, then you have no fun Now pack the basket with those dirty clothes And go to the laundromat before it closes There's no need to pout or frown around, so ... [Luke] You just put on your coat and hat And walk yourself to the laundry-mat And when you're finished doing that Bring in the dog and put out the cat Yakety Yak! (Don't talk back!) (Mixx scratches "Take out the papers and the trash" and "Breakdown!") [Fresh Kid Ice] Behind your dad's back, you roll your eyes Always plottin' and schemin' and plannin' lies But you're always doin' things to make him mad Instead of doin' right for good old dad So tell your friend you're not hangin' out Just do as I say, 'cause I'm the man of the house You better act like you got some sense and ... [Mr. Mixx] Don't you give me no dirty looks Your father's stiff, he knows what cooks Just tell your hoodlum friend outside You ain't got time to take a ride Yakety Yak! (Don't talk back!) What you say to me boy?